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My experience using the Face Cream has been very enjoyable. It has a wonderful silky, creamy texture and a delightful fragrance! A small dab covers face and neck and leaves my skin feeling soft and well moisturized. I only use products formulated with clean, organic ingredients that nourish and protect my skin, and the Face Cream provides this. I'd love to slather it over my entire body for a once a month Goddess treatment!

Charleen B.

I love the body lotion. It's not sticky. Applies evenly and easily. I love the fragrance. NO reactions to my skin even when it is applied to my eczema. My skin stays soft. I don't like a lot of lotions. I usually use oil, but this one is so clean that I love using it.

Adrienne B.

I got the Radiance Face Oil as a gift recently. A face oil was never part of my skincare routine, and I would have never bought it to be honest. But I LOVED it! The fragrance was fabulous and relaxing right before bedtime. I thought maybe it would be too greasy but it wasn’t and felt like it absorbed really well. I wasn’t worried it was going to leave a mark on my pillow. Skin feel was divine! Great product!

Kari W.

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