4 Exciting Benefits Of Green Tea In Skincare

When you hear someone mention green tea and health, the first thing that likely comes to your mind is that it is used for weight loss. But green tea is not just a drink for weight-watchers anymore. It is one of the most popular beverages consumed around the world today.

This tea is made from the leaves and buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant. The plant is native to Asia but is now grown in several countries owing to its popularity.

It is also the same species that is used to make black, white and oolong tea variants. Once plucked from the plant, these leaves undergo various processes like oxidation, drying and even fermentation to enhance the flavor profile.

But since green tea undergoes minimal processing post-harvest, it is able to retain its rich antioxidant profile. And these antioxidants are the key reason behind the various health and skin care benefits that green tea offers.

Nutritional Info of Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with polyphenols, which contribute to it's many health benefits. In addition to this it also contains a diverse nutrient profile consisting of the following:

    • Proteins & Enzymes
    • Amino Acids (theanine, glutamic acid, tryptophan, glycine, serine, aspartic acid, tyrosine, leucine, valine, threonine, lysine, arginine)
    • Minerals (calcium, magnesium, chromium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium)
    • Vitamins (B, C, E)
    • Caffeine
    • Chlorophyll

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in catechins, a bioactive compound known for its powerful antioxidant properties. These catechins help neutralize the free radicals that would otherwise damage healthy cells in your body.

Green Tea is also anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory due to plenty of antioxidants present in it. It can also aid in increasing insulin activity, which can lower blood sugar levels.

Another bioactive compound found in green tea is caffeine, which is used as a brain stimulant. These two compounds together enhance the thermogenesis process through which your body burns calories. Thus, drinking green tea every day helps you lose excess weight and manage obesity.

Green Tea Benefits for Skin

Natural Youthful Skin

Reduces Photo-aging

Spending long periods under the sun causes oxidative stress to your skin. This leads to the premature formation of fine lines and wrinkles and can even increase your chances of skin cancer.

Antioxidants in green tea reduce the impact of photo-aging by protecting your skin from such harmful effects of sun. Studies also suggest that green tea can reduce wrinkling by increasing collagen and elastin in your skin. Two very important components to maintaining a youthful appearance.

Helps Control Acne

Suffering from hormonal acne or even oily skin? Green Tea could be a wonderful addition to your skincare routine. Excess sebum caused by high levels of androgen hormone is a key cause behind the occurrence of acne and oily, greasy skin.

And the catechins in green tea known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) can help reduce sebum production in your skin with its anti-androgenic activity. Green tea extract applied topically also helps clear up your skin by targeting acne-causing bacteria.

Soothes Irritated Skin

EGCG present in green tea makes it a wonderful anti-inflammatory ingredients. So you can apply green tea to soothe sunburns or even calm active acne. It will help reduce swelling, redness and skin irritation associated with these skin concerns.

Diminishes Under-eye Puffiness

Caffeine-based creams when applied topically to the skin are known to reduce dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Caffeine reduces swelling around your eyes and the appearance of under-eye bags by temporarily constricting blood vessels in the area.

How to Use Green Tea for Healthy Skin

Natural Face Cream

To reap the benefits of antioxidants in green tea for your skin, you can drink a cup of green tea daily or opt for a green tea supplement.

But when it comes to skin benefits, topical skincare treatments with green tea are an effective and easy to use option as well. You can find moisturizers, serums, under-eye creams, and even facial oils with green tea extract as a key ingredient. For example, green tea can be found in our Green Tea & Kelp Face Cream.

Green tea is a wonderful example of the powerful capabilities of botanical medicine. Try adding it to your routine a discover healthy, youthful skin, and a clear complexion.