6 Skincare Benefits Of Cacay Oil - The Anti Aging Superstar

The Amazonian forests are home to several potent ingredients used in cosmetics today. One such rare botanical ingredient emerging as a natural anti-aging superhero is cacay nut oil.

The locals have been using cacay nut oil aka kahai oil for healing purposes since ancient times. But to the outside world, the impressive benefits of this precious oil had been under wraps.

Ever since a German clinical trial discovered its miraculous anti-aging properties, cacay nut oil is being sought after as the ultimate natural anti-aging ingredient.

Cacay Oil

What Makes Cacay Nut Oil So Special?

Scientifically known as Caryodendron orinocense, cacay nut trees are found in South American countries like Ecuador, Venezuela and Columbia. The Columbian locals used the tree mainly for firewood and fodder until scientists discovered the hidden beauty benefits of oil extracted from the nuts.

Cacay nut oil is rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids which offer skincare benefits like smoothness, hydration, even-toned skin etc.

To give you insight into how potent this oil is, it has 3 times more retinol (Vitamin A) than rosehip oil, 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of linoleic acid than argan oil.

And, according to this study, its antioxidant profile outshines that of extra virgin olive oil. It’s time to pass on the crown of ‘liquid gold’ from argan to cacay nut oil, don’t you think?

Mind-Blowing Skincare Benefits of Cacay Nut Oil

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1.   Reverses Signs of Aging

Due to high retinol and vitamin E content, cacay nut oil has an impressive effect on wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. According to a clinical study in Germany, just 4 weeks of regular use of this oil reduced wrinkles by an astonishing 45%. It also improved the elasticity and firmness of the skin by encouraging cellular turnover and protecting the skin from oxidative damage.

2.   Better Hydration

Apart from essential fatty acids, cacay nut oil also contains squalene, a natural moisturizing factor (NMF) found in your skin. Squalene keeps your skin plump and well moisturized by reducing water loss. It also helps improve your skin’s protective function by keeping irritants at bay. Cacay oil is so hydrating, that it is capable of replacing your daily facial cream if desired.

3.   Improves Skin Tone

Retinol has been well studied with regards to skin benefits. One of the amazing findings is its ability to improve skin tone and reverse hyperpigmentation. This is done by fading current dark spots, and by balancing overall melanin production. Therefore, cacay oil can even out your skin tone and even help it look brighter and more radiant. The oil also deeply nourishes your skin with essential nutrients resulting in fewer blemishes and clearer glowing skin.

4.   Boost Cell Renewal

As you age, your cell renewal rate slows down leading to uneven skin texture and blemishes. But cacay oil with its high retinol content improves the cellular turnover rate. It also boosts collagen synthesis, which is essential to preventing sagging aging skin. The result is smoother, plumper, firmer skin.

This amazing ability to improve cellular turnover also means that cacay oil is an excellent option for fading scars and stretch marks as well.

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5.   Reduces Acne

One of the best ways to balance sebum production and reduce acne is by applying linoleic acid topically. And guess what? Cacay oil is one of the richest sources with almost 85% linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is non-comedogenic, this means it won't clog your pores and cause acne. In fact, it has almost the opposite effect. It acts as a barrier to your skin so that other impurities can't clog your pores either.

Studies have shown that people who suffer from acne have less linoleic acid in their skin than people who don't have acne. This is due in part by the fact that our bodies are unable to synthesize linoleic acid on its own, which means it must come from the diet and topical use.

Several research studies have also proved retinol to be an amazing acne-fighting ingredient. So if you have oily/ acne-prone skin, cacay oil is the ideal facial oil for you.

6.   Protection From Environmental Damage

Since cacay oil is abundant in Vitamin E it helps soothe dry, irritated skin. Vitamin E is also a strong antioxidant that scavenges free radicals to protect your skin from pollution and other environmental stressors.

The combination of retinol and vitamin E is also a powerful duo when it comes to cellular regeneration. The more efficient the skin is at sloughing off old damaged skin cells and replacing them with new healthy cells, the better your skin will look. This means that cacay oil is an excellent option for daily skin protection from environmental toxins and sun damage. 

Cacay nut oil is truly an anti-aging elixir for your skin. It is very light in texture and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy after feel. It has a mild nutty aroma and a delicate golden hue. It is ideal for all skin types and an excellent option for sensitive skin as well. 

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